In the last five years charcoal has become a staple in the wellness and beauty industry find its way into clay masks, toothpastes and vitamin capsules, but not all charcoal is harvested equally (or sustainably for that matter!). Charcoal in skincare has taken off due to its antimicrobial properties and robust profile of flavonoids that deliver naturally high concentrations of antioxidants to reveal firm, clear, and vibrant skin. Working in tandem, the gray sea salt clears the way for bamboo charcoal to draw out impurities.

The charcoal in Kosette SALT products is harvested exclusively from bamboo and embodies the ideals of “clean beauty” as it is 100% ecologically responsible, harvested without the need of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Not only superior in terms of environmental impact, bamboo charcoal poses lower risks of irritation for those with allergies or sensitivities compared to wood charcoal. But wait, there’s more: bamboo charcoal is 4x more porous, making it ideal for adsorbing impurities. 

Note on adsorption: Most chemical exfoliants absorb into the skin working to clear out pores, but conversely, charcoal (and especially bamboo charcoal) works by attracting and collecting and trapping toxins and bacteria before washing them away.